Age: 22

Height and 3 sizes: T163 ・ 87 (F) ・ 56 ・ 85

Reservation: Yes, it’s possible

Face: Her mouth is like a cherry blossom, and I can guarantee that her face is just as cute and flawless when she puts her hands down.

Bust: Because of her overall bone frame is relatively small, her firm boobs appear particularly large. I am not sure if they are really an F size, but I think they are at least a D or E. When she was riding over me, her bouncing tits, disheveled hair are the angel’s signs leading me to heaven.

Hip: I already mentioned that her overall bone frame is kind of small, and that makes her hip also small and firm. When I entered her, I particularly felt tight and the desire to ecstacy. She’s riding on top, very agile and nimble.

Skin: Her skin is smooth, white and fair, fitting all of my imaginatino to a girl in her early twenties.

Erotic sensitivity: This is the part where she does not get points over 90 from me. I felt she had not much disire on me, haha. But when we were having sex almost to the climax, I could still feel she of course also enjoyed it. So, I hope some bigger guy can really envoke her genuine desire.

Friendliness: She did not show too much passion in talking deeply with me, which is typical behavior for young soap girls. I am fine with that, as long as she properly servered and we had fun.

Hairless Virgina: shaved

Service: She has very good face, body, tight pussy, white and smooth skin; kiss, 6-9, doggy, riding, all the common types are OK for her. The only pitty thing I felt is the passion and genuine desire to fuck with me (I know it’s difficult because it’s a profession to her). But I still recommend her, because her figure is on top of all girls I have played with!

Price: 50000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-02-29