Age: 20

Height and BWH: T160 ・ 82 (B) ・ 55 ・ 84

Reservation: Not available

Overall: I played with Yuna in late 2022 (and she is still actively in service!). I remember she was recommended by the staff. The staff said she is pretty popular even though she just joined this world for a short time. So, I gave it a try.

Aya was very cute, relatively tiny even though she is said to have 160 cm height. So, that makes her pussy pretty tight and I could be more powerful from the back. However, she enjoyed that, and was very relieving just like your girl friend. She tried to satisfy me with nice and well behaved attitude. I don’t know how to describe, but she is really that kind of neighboring younger sis who looks like a good student. And you don’t know why she is naked and sucking your dick at the bath room now, lol. I highly recommend her!

Price: 20000 – 30000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-02-29