I really appreciate your support to buy the catalog(7 US dollars) that will make you play with the best girls and have a wonderful time for the following 2 reasons.

  1. Usually only the top-level girls have public contact, because that shows their dedicated attitude. So, by knowing those girls’ information can help you play with those top-level girls
  2. You can reserve them by yourself. Nowadays, going to soapland without reservation may waste you a lot of time, and even cannot play with the girls you like

So, if you want to have the best soap experience, please go to this Buy Me a Coffee Page and buy the catalog (7 US dollars).

You will be able to download the pdf. In the pdf, you will get the following information.

  1. The names of the foreigner friendly soaplands
  2. Some contact of the soaplands so you can reserve girls by yourself
  3. The name, profile links, and girl’s score based on review data for all the girls I list on my website
  4. How to reserve the girls by yourself (Only available to the girls I write with Reservation OK, because they have public contact)
  5. How to estimate a girl’s quality
  6. How to check the girls available time in the establishment
  7. 3-month free update for new version of catalog if you email to me and tell me some code that I could recognize you.
  8. Email consultation (ainbh66211@yahoo.co.jp) if you have any questions

FAQ about Payment

  1. Q: Are the premium girls still on service ?
    A: Yes, on the date I upload the pdf, I check and make sure they still provide service and available. This is my promise.
  2. Q: Is Buy Me a Coffee safe ?
    A: Yes, you can google that and you will find many creators use that for one-time support & payment
  3. Q: Can I (the supporter & customer) be anonymous ?
    A: Yes, at the payment dialog on buy me a coffee, you can leave the name blank and just provide the email
  4. Q: I still don’t want to reveal my email to you, is it possible ?
    A: Yes, it’s possible. You can just provide a fake email when you pay. For any after-payment issues, when you want to contact me by my email: ainbh66211@yahoo.co.jp , you just provide that fake email to me (So, please remember that). Then, I will know it’s you and reply as soon as possible

If you want to have the best soap experience, please go to this Buy Me a Coffee Page and buy the catalog (7 US dollars). That will not only support me but also support your own satisfied sex life in Japan’s visit. 🙂

Last Updated on 2024-06-03