I won’t go though long history of Japan’s soapland or something like that. I just want to explain the most important point that it’s perfectly OK to have sex in soapland. However, to have vaginal intercourse for monetary compensation in Japan is illegal. Then, how do Japanese explain the monetary compensation and sex in soapland ? It is explained that the transaction is paid for the bathing fee. The girl provides the bathing service to the client. But inside the small room, somehow the girl likes the client and is willing to have sex with the client. It’s pure romance and fantasy, having nothing to do with the money. So, the sex just happens as a beautiful result and perfectly legal.

That is the only thing you need to know that you can have sex with the girls legally in soaplands. However, there are still some rules you need to follow. Please understand the following acts are not allowed in soaplands.

● Acts of voyeurism or acts that are considered as such
● Acts of using customer-owned play tools
Acts of forcing or coercing actions other than the agreed-upon service (kiss marks, removing condoms without permissions are not allowed)
● Usage by individuals related to competitors, organized crime syndicates, or similar entities.
● Acts of restraining our cast members or equivalent actions after the service hours.
● Invitations for personal relationships or scouting activities towards our cast members.
● Individuals who are using drugs or related substances.
● Individuals with sexually transmitted diseases or suspected to have them (judged by female staff).
● Any other acts that our establishment considers as nuisance behavior.

  1. Check the girls you like online and their service time
    There are few soaplands that welcome foreigners who don’t speak in Japanese. As foreigners, we can only have fun with the girls in those soaplands. Please Unlock Premium to understand how to check the girls service time on a Japanese website.
  2. Decide the area and day you want to go
    I suggest you not only target one girl in one soaploand, but also you should add multiple girls in multiple soaplands to your list in advance. Please check the Soaplands to see the foreigner-friendly soaplands grouped by area like Yoshiwara (吉原), Kawasaki (川崎) and Ikebukuro (池袋).
    After you list the girls you like and their service time, decide the day and area where most girls provides service on that day.
  3. (Optional) Prepare your favorite condoms
    This is really optional. For the condoms part, in my experience, more than 95% of the girls accept the condom I bring in, which is thinner and more comfortable for both of us.

Recently (in 2024), I find it very difficult to directly go to the soaplands without reservation, because the good girls are always not available and I will have only few choices. So now, I strongly recommend making a reservation with the girl by yourself. If you want to learn how to do it with the girls I recommend, please Unlock Premium , It’s just 7US dollars and that will save you a lot of time and make you a wonderful experience in the Japan trip.

In the following steps, I would still share the way without making reservation, but you need to understand that basically not many high-quality girls are available without reservation.

  1. Check condition
    As a man, I do like sex a lot. However, I may not always have good condition and sex desire. That is why I suggest on the day you plan to go soaplands, check your sex desire, personal condition and mood. If you don’t feel that you want to have sex today, then it’s OK not to go. I used to go to the soapland without a good condition because I have reserved / decided to go on that day, and the result was often not that well. So, you had better make sure you are really in the mood to go. Of course, if you are a tourist and will only stay in Japan for a few days, it’s anyway a must-do in your bucket list.
  2. Check the girls service time in real-time
    Please reference this article Unlock Premium again, you should know how to check your favorite girls service time in real-time now. The next available time are also listed on the website, so you can plan when to arrive at the soapland.
  3. Go to the soapland alone and directly
    You can arrive 10 – 20 minutes before the next available time of the girl. Or if the girl is available now, you can directly go to the soapland. Going there alone is generally recommended because even foreigner-friendly-soaplands often reject a group of foreigners(2 is fine, I have seen 2 buddies going together. But 3 or above is not recommended) going there at one time! However if all of girls you like in one soapland are not available or you need to wait for a long time, I suggest going to next soapland. Don’t sacrifice and pick some girls who are not in your list, there is higher probability not having perfect experience. So, it’s recommended to mark multiple girls in multiple soaplands in advance.
  4. Decide how long you want to play
    The time setting is different in each soapland, but usually 70-minutes is a minimal time if you want to have mat-play. If you want to have mat-play (If you don’t know what it is, please check the AV at the bottom of this page), you need to tell the staff and reserve at least a certain amount of time. Just tell them: mat-play in English. They should understand. Besides, within your private time with the girl, usually you cum more than once if you have longer time. So, if you are strong, you can reserve a long time for second or even third cum.
  5. Pay and wait
    After deciding which girl to play with, pay the overall fee at the counter. Some of you may have heard the fee system is complicated and you still need to pay the girl more money later. But for the standard soaplands I recommend, they all have reasonable price and just charge the overall price (総額 In Japanese) at the counter. You can also check the overall fee (総額 In Japanese) on the website. So, please feel safe and pay.
    After you pay the fee, you will be led to a waiting room. In general, I often need to wait for 10-20 minutes for the girl to prepare. So be patient and get relaxed.
  6. You will be called by the staff
    When it’s your turn, the staff will call by your number card. Then they will tell you some rules to follow, which is what I wrote above. Then you will be instructed to meet the girl. The girl usually holds your hand and go to the room together.
  1. Prepare the Google Translate and the Hello Message
    Many soap girls told me their foreigner clients use Google Translate to communicate. So, at first, ask the girl “Google translate OK ?”. And then you can take your mobile phone and use Google Translate.
  2. Ask whether it’s OK to use the brought-in condom
    As I said in the previous part, bringing my own condom is basically always OK with the girl’s permission. So, I would always first ask her and show her the condom. If it is OK, she will put the condom on the bed; if it’s not OK, it’s also fine to me. I will use their condom.
  3. If you want Mat-play, you can tell the girl
    In general, Mat-play is only available if your play time is over 70 minutes (some soaplands have different time settings), so if your time is OK and the girl provides such service, you need to tell her.
  4. If you are not sure whether some behavior is OK or not, respect and ask
    There are some sexual acts that may be uncomfortable to the girls, for example licking their ears. So, I often ask them in the bath time. Stretching the girl’s hair is often not allowed, by the way. Of course, kiss, licking boobs, touching, licking pussy, doggy, missionary, horse-riding, stand-back doggy … are all generally within the service. I want to emphasize that respect the girl and ask her permission first if you are not sure this is OK or not.
  5. It’s fun time!
    The girl will take off her clothes and help you take off your clothes, lead you to the bath, cleaning your body and have you brush the teeth. Then, your play may start depending on the bed play or mat play. Each girl has her own style and flow, you just need to go with the vibe and enjoy it. Remember to respect the girl and every thing should be fun!

I know it’s still very abstract to just read the article. So, I recommend this AV どきどき初体験 美少女ご奉仕ソープランド 七沢みあ for you to understand the flow. AV ID is mide00519 .

However, there are 2 things that are slightly different between the video and reality.

  1. The order of the play. In the video, direct sex happens before taking a bath. Yes, in some of the mid-to-high-end establishments, sex right after meetup (it’s called 即尺, 即ハメ in Japanese) is provided. But in most of the establishments I recommend, taking a bath happens first.
  2. Condom. In the video, it seems not using condom, but in reality, it’s used basically all the time. Please don’t get it wrong that it can be skin touch without condom.

For the rest part like bathtub play, washing your brother on a erotic chair or playing on the mattress, it’s pretty real. Please enjoy it!