Age: 21

Height and 3 sizes: T163 ・ 85 (D) ・ 56 ・ 89

Reservation: No

Overall: I played with Anri last weekend.

She is a very beautiful girl. with clear eyes and nose that you think she is half-blooded, and the smile that she occasionally shows is even more wonderful because it adds cuteness. Anri is tall and has a good style.
I felt very relaxed in talking with Anri, while we were. unwrapping each other. Then after the bath and some kiss and flirt in the bathtub, we moved to the bed play.

She had great techniques to tease and please me in the beginning, and then it was my turn to take the lead in the sex fight. Again when such a beautiful girl is under my rhythm and penetration, it was of great pleasure! I asked Anri to ride on the top, and I like the feeling of her hair over my lips. I could endure and gave her the spirit, and we still had some time for friendly and fun chat afterwards. I am again fueled, and I love the life in Japan 🙂

Price: 60 minute 20000 – 30000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-07-07