Age: 22

Height and B/W/H: T170 ・ 86 (D) ・ 58 ・ 87

Reservation: Yes, available to contact her (please unlock premium to know it)

Overall: I have not actually played with Kaoru yet, but I confirmed with her that she can accept English speaking foreigners. In addition, I think she is pretty famous among foreigner soapland-goers, because I have seen several good reviews for her in other platforms.

From other brother’s reviews, Kaoru is very curing and tender. She has super great technicals and service and hospitality. Some other bro said, Kaoru is at top level to balance beauty, service and hospitality in his 20-year soapland experiences. Kaoru has an average 4.94 score(full score is 5.0) based on 84 reviews.

Price: 20000-30000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-03-11