Age: 20

Height and B/W/H: T158 ・ 85 (E) ・ 57 ・ 83

Reservation: Yes, available to contact her (please unlock premium to know it)

Overall: I have not actually played with Sorane yet, but I confirmed with her that she can accept English speaking foreigners.

Sorane scores 4.85 based on 15 reviews. The below is what is written by some reviews. “””

Sorane-chan has white skin, soft skin, and beautiful style. She wears a smile more dazzling than the summer sun when I met her.
I felt Sorane-san is much cuter than the photo.

Furthermore, I almost forgot about the “so perfect uniform” that reminds me of my youth. She is bright, cheerful and full of energy.

Her whole body is so pure and transparent. You’ll want to eat and lick them all. Such a child and such a thing, such a wonderful masterpiece. We made love to each other in a good way, and the second time was also super awesome! “””

So, if you want to have some fun with the young Japanese student in uniform, please reserve Sorane 🙂
Price: 40000-50000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-05-26