Age: 25

Height and 3 sizes: T160 ・ 88 (E) ・ 59 ・ 89

Reservation: Yes, it’s possible

Face: She looks like Marilyn Monroe. I remember she has a tiny mole on her cheek.

Bust: Real and soft bunny E-cup, wildly fitting her style and body

Hip: Big and plump butt

Skin: Soft and smooth

Erotic sensitivity: This is the part I like most. She enjoys having sex and this soap girl career. I had mattress play with her and I even thought she wanted to put my dick in without condom. But at the end, I still asked whether I should use condom. I just want to express that she was into it (at least she likes me a lot), and pretty erotic in the whole play.

Friendliness: Very friendliness to me as a foreigner. After the play, we had some scratching and playing just like what couples would do. I remember I enjoyed talking with her a lot even though my Japanese was not as good as now.

Hairless Virgina: Not-shaved

Overall: Actually, Yuko san is the one I played with maybe 3 years ago. I still remember her very clearly now because she gave me wonderful experience (still can be some of the top girls I played with). Recently, I check her schedule and found that she is still providing service. I think that is really a proof that she likes this job and erotic. Anyway, if we want to play, why not find some passionate girl who really also likes sex play 🙂 ?

Price: 30000 – 40000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-02-29