Age: 22

Height and B/W/H: T154 ・ 86 (D) ・ 63 ・ 93

Reservation: Yes, available to contact her (please unlock premium to know it)

Overall: I went to play with Yuzuru this week. She is as beautiful as the photo shows with the black hair and white skin. I got hard right after meeting her. She is petite and very friendly escorting me into the room.

After the quick bath, the play started. The atmosphere changed completely from the elegant atmosphere, and her technique was amazing.
I had her licking my breasts first. When I was teased, her tongue moved so fast that I almost stimulated. I really recommend for those who like being teased !
After served by her, it’s my turn to take the lead. Looking at her big ass proactively replying my penetration from the back, I was lost in the pa-pa-pa musical rhythm.

At the end, we laid and wrapped up so much that it feels like all the fatigue was gone. She has a body that is extremely comfortable to hug.

Price: 30000-40000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-06-02