Age: 23

Height and B/W/H: T155 ・ 87 (F) ・ 60 ・ 85

Reservation: Yes, available to contact her (please unlock premium to know it)

Overall: When I went to Ikebukuro at the service counter, I saw Konatsu is available for foreigners. I checked her review comments and find that more than 10 reviewers gave her full score. Most of them say that she has great smiles and friendly. Of course her F-cup is real as you can see from the photo. The below is what I copied from a brother’s comment.

“”” Konatsu’s wonderful white, soft and fluffy skin, from her fingertips to her toes, was so beautiful that I fell in love with it. Konatsu-san, whose cheeks blushed shyly, was also adorable…  Konatsu-san is the best woman, as she leads us to such wonderful moments where mutual stimulation makes us even more excited, and we can feel Konatsu-san’s warmth all over our bodies.”””

So, I would recommend her for someone who likes plump woman.

Price: 20000-30000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-02-29