Age: 26

Height and B/W/H: T160 ・ 86 (F) ・ 57 ・ 88

Reservation: Yes, available to contact her (please unlock premium to know it)

Overall: I have not actually played with Nico yet, but I confirmed with her that she can accept English speaking foreigners.

From other brother’s reviews, “””

When my number was called and I said hello in front of the curtain, she greeted me with a big smile, and once we entered the room, we had such a fun conversation that I wanted to talk forever, and at that point I was already feeling like hallelujah. When I met her naked, she took me to heaven with her smooth and firm beautiful body and sophisticated erotic play, and I truly felt like I was in heaven!
I’m really disappointed that I was only able to do it once, but I had a much more rewarding time with it. Thank you for the meal… and what a great sister you are for being so attentive to me in so many ways.

To be honest, I was captivated from the moment I saw the curtain open, and by the end. She has beautiful skin and the best figure, especially the shape of her bust, which can only be called beautiful breasts and is extremely soft.

I was really looking forward to the photo diary because it was so erotic. My impressions were more than I expected. Her style was exactly as shown in the photo, and she was tanned and sexy in real life, which was great! She was
very bright and easy to talk to, so I was able to quickly get rid of my nerves and have a fun time. I was completely in love with her….

Nico has 4.84 score based on 14 reviews. I mixed some brother’s reviews, but I can tell Nico is that kind of hot, sexy girls you want to immediately fuck with. I personally will go play with her and update this post soon.

Price: 30000-40000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-03-13