Age: 27

Height and B/W/H: T162 ・ 85 (D) ・ 55 ・ 84

Reservation: No

Overall: I went to play with PatNay tonight out of a sudden sex desire and it was so great that I want to share immediately. She told me she is half-blooded from a Philippine and Chinese family. That is why she is friendly and welcoming foreign brother to play with. But unfortunately she only speaks Japanese, haha, could not speak in English.

She has big eyes as she says it’s her charming point. She is half, so really really cute. I promise that after removing the mosaic of the photo, it’s beauty as expected. She is quite slender, especially at her waist and hips, which makes her pussy tight and very nimble doing horse-riding. And of course, when I did missionary or back, I could conquer her more in my control.

What always makes me feel wonderful is the girl’s erotic, proactively asking for my fuck. She likes me a lot and was pretty erotically into our battle. She is good at blowjob; we did 6-9 and suddenly my dick was already wearing condom ready for the checkin. When she was doing the horse-riding, her involvement and sometimes her hair sweeping over my face will be unforgettable in my life. And she was so talkative, laughs so much when we are chatting before & after the sex.

I don’t usually go playing with a girl for the second time, but for her, I would consider going again. Really really great experience tonight. I had a delicious sex and can sleep with smile 🙂

Price: 50000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-02-29