You can choose from a wide range of girls in their 20s to 30s at Yoshiwara’s first hybrid soap ♪.

For those who want to enjoy the inexperienced feeling with young girls, the [Bride Trainee Course] is recommended. For those who want to enjoy the mature allure of adults, the [Married Woman Guidance Course] is recommended. For those who want to fully enjoy the traditional exquisite skills, the [Darling Course] is recommended.

Also, a first for budget stores!? You can experience double the excitement with the Tandem Course. We promise bliss and satisfaction beyond the amount paid!

Price system

Foreigners cannot choose 50-minute course. Please pay by cash. All courses include Mat (nuru) play.

TimeBride Trainee CourseDarling Course (High Quality Girls)Tandem Course (3P)
70-min28500 JPY31500 JPY57000 JPY
90-min37500 JPY40500 JPY71000 JPY
120-min51000 JPY54000 JPY92000 JPY
Y-shirts-to-Watashi Price System


This establishment is probably the most famous one among foreigners. If you search on the Internet, you would see this shop name a lot with its other branches: Darling Harbour, Putit Royale and Cream Lemon. However, Darling Harbour, Putit Royale and Cream Lemon have been merged to Y-Shirts to Watashi. So, now there is only Y-Shirts to Watashi.

Let’s get back to its service. I feel its service and girl quality are good. So, I used to go this shop a lot. However, there is a drawback that even frequently-visiting foreigner like me cannot make reservation there. After I discovered my other premium establishments whose girls quality are often higher and whose price is also reasonable, I no longer go Y-Shirts to Watashi that often. (If you want to know what those premium establishments are, and also some of my personal tips to estimate a girl’s quality, please unlock premium) However, Y-shirt still a pretty good shop to go for foreigners. Quite a lot of girls in Y-shirts can be reserved by yourself. Please unlock premium to learn how to do it.

Establishment Info


Location: Y-Shirts to Watashi, 4 Chome-17-20 Senzoku, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0031

Entrance Picture:

Y shirts to Watashi entrance

Last Updated on 2024-04-01