Our store’s concept is a school-themed soapland exclusively for girls up to 24 years old.

It’s a place where young and cute girls in uniforms can play around. We offer a wide range of options such as sailor uniforms, gym clothes, and school swimsuits, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite school-themed cosplay for free.

Girls at Dolce graduate at 25 years old. It’s the only place in Yoshiwara where girls born up until 1998 can join. If you really want to spend time with young and cute girls, Dolce, the only early-20s specialty shop in Yoshiwara that exclusively enlists girls born in the Heisei era, will definitely introduce you to young and cute girls.

At our shop, we’ve gathered only pure and cute girls who look good in uniforms and bloomers. Loli-style, amateur-style, pure-style, current college students, vocational students… We have a lot of cute girls! Why not look for your very own idol?

50-minute: 28000(18000 + 10000) JPY. There is 10000 JPY additional foreigner tax.

The girls are said to be all under 24 years old. All the girls I played with here perfectly fits to the JK style. (If you want to know other good or even better establishments, and also some of my personal tips to estimate a girl’s quality, please unlock premium)

Website: https://www.yoshiwara-otome.com/

Location: DOLCE, Yoshiwara, 4 Chome-23-10 Senzoku, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0031

Last Updated on 2024-04-03