Age: 21

Height and 3 sizes: T154 ・ 80 (D) ・ 59 ・ 83

Reservation: Not available

Overall: I played with NayO twice in total. For the first time, I went there with my sex desire, but actually was tired after the whole day’s work. So, I could not get that hard and did not make her satisfied. So, I went the second time to “revenge”. What I still remember the most is NayO’s erotic body and desire. To be more specific, her legs wrapped around my ass all the time during the missionary, which is not often among my plays with soap girls. Another charming point of her is her super white skin. I really like white girls, looks so delicious. She is kind of naughty and cute personality, also I remember her boobs were relatively big, because of her 80 bust size. I really had fun and made her enjoy our intense sex.

In this establishment, you can go and have a 40-minute quick sex, even though it has 2000 foreigner tax, it’s not that expensive because of shorter time. If you happen to be in Ikebukuro (which I think tourists don’t go there often, unless you are going to Kawakoe or the Harry Potter Park), you can consider eating the delicious “fast food of sex”.

Price: 20000 – 30000 JPY

Last Updated on 2024-02-29